Recovery & Recycle Valuation Services

magnets for sale  , recovery & recycle Valuation Services International Inc. (DVS International Inc.) is a consulting firm offering magnets for sale  , recovery & recycle Studies, Valuations, Educational Seminars, Expert Testimony, and its Depreciation/Valuation-Projection PC Software System v. 3.10 (DVS 3.10.) DVS International Inc.’s personnel are well educated, experienced and tested individuals who posses decades of applicable and direct knowledge in their areas of responsibility.

DVS International Inc. offers to conduct magnets for sale  , recovery & recycle studies and to provide an expert witness to testify to them before Regulatory Commissions or other authorities, if required. We also offer to conduct cost based property valuations for ad valorem or other property taxes, condemnation, insurance and financial purposes and to testify to such valuation and before taxing authorities and courts.

Thank you for your interest in DVS International. If you have any questions about our services or products, please call Joel Rosenblatt at the number listed.